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"A network focusing on China freight forward‘s market ”


CIFFN, or China International Freight Forwarding Network, a non-exclusive network specifically for the small & medium logistics enterprises and independent freight forwarders all over the world. Established in 2007,the network designed to benefit the cargo agencies all over the world who are seeking trusted agents and more effective solutions from the China rapid growing market while China forwarders needing to expand their overseas network urgently.

We focus on our members having more time and opportunities to develop business with each other, cutting out the red tape that normally comes with freight networks. All CIFFN members are well established both operationally and financially. They have an excellent reputation both within their country and internationally, provide the highest standard of service to customers and carry out their business with the utmost integrity. CIFFN membership guarantees customers of the network a global and multimodal capability, and a reliability second to none for the carriage and handling of their cargo.

Certainly you maintain your existing relations to other global agents like in the past. CIFFN will be your additional benefit, when:

>>     Any CIFFN member in the world needs your service at your location

>>     You have a shipment to or from any location worldwide, not yet covered by your own agent network

>>     You want to prove your customers to be represented in a global reliable network.

Come on board with us!