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All CIFFN members must be local or regional logistics companies with good reputations (regarding finance, operations, communications, sales coordination, and other professional factors) which can be backed up with at least four third-party agency references from countries outside of the residence of their main head office. This cannot be waived. Major multinational companies that work primarily only with their own branches cannot join CIFFN but neutral subsidiaries of such companies are allowed.


Administrative Membership Dues to be paid yearly –   USD  $ 500.00 per city.  There is also a $100.00 one-time only processing fee for new members.


Membership is automatically renewed every calendar year. Your Membership dues are to be paid in December for the following years membership. Members who wish to not renew their membership must advise CIFFN Administration in WRITING within 30 Days after the issuance of your invoice.  We will send you written confirmation of discontinuation of your membership.  Otherwise full payment of your membership fees will be due and payable.


We are not just a website. Annual Conference held in neutral resort locations, thereby ensuring all members 100% focus on networking with all fellow members.  Conference Attendance is strongly encouraged for all members. All members in good standing are required to not miss more than (1) consecutive conference. If a member attends a regional meeting in the same year they missed an annual meeting, it is considered that they did not miss the annual meeting that year. CIFFN members who are not up to date and current with their accounts with CIFFN will not be allowed to attend international meetings.


Companies may be terminated from CIFFN Membership for providing any false information on new member application.


>>    CIFFN Members MUST disclose all Company Offices. 

>>     All Offices must be fully registered and paid for within CIFFN

>>     Any Member found selling offices not disclosed and registered

>>     Within CIFFN will be subject to automatic termination.