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Code of Ethics

As a member of The CIFFN Network, we expect all companies to abide by these business ethics and practices in all dealings with other members: 


  • CIFFN is a non-exclusive network of small & medium logistics enterprises and independent freight forwarders all over the world. Network membership is not capped by CIFFN .
  • CIFFN members agree to transfer a minimum cargo volume ,or at least 30% or more of their new business activities to other CIFFN members and from the second year of membership at least 50% or more of their new business.
  • To provide accurate true net buying rates with the partners in order to achieve powerful results in confirmed sales
  • To honor all partner profit sharing / payment contracts between members
  • Notify and update all members of individual company / country trading conditions
  • Provide and develop continual sales leads / programs with partners
  • Commitment to work at all times with CIFFN members unless not beneficial to the individual requirements of your company on lane segment  / client requirements. 
  • Respect all CIFFN members and operate within the network with high standards incorporating friendship, loyalty, integrity and trust

Profit Share:

  • 50/50 profit share for all collect shipments.
  • 50/50 profit share for prepaid shipments, controlled by destination agent.
  • No profit share for prepaid shipments, controlled by departure agent.
  • Benefit from your partner´s prepaid shipments to you by the destination charges and use these shipments as good sales leads.

Payment among partners:

  • Unless otherwise agreed, CIFFN members will settle all debts within thirty days of invoicing one another.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, CIFFN members will keep FOB, clearance, delivery / inland transportation, etc., charges for themselves. For international ocean or air carriage, a 50/50 profit share will be assumed.
  •  Unless otherwise noted and agreed, it is automatically assumed that CIFFN members will quote each other in United States Dollars. Quotations from CIFFN members to CIFFN members must specifically state other currencies, if this is a requirement.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, payments to CIFFN members will be in the currency quoted.
  • For ongoing business between members, monthly statements should be provided by the creditor.
  • For all ongoing CIFFN business requiring offsets, unless otherwise agreed, both parties should provide statements for settlement by the 10th of each month.
  • Any amounts that pass the 60 day overdue mark should be reported to the CIFFN Coordinator.
  •  When an CIFFN member supports a policy that a credit application is a requirement to do business, this should be clearly stated in quotations to all other CIFFN members. Otherwise this will not be assumed to be a requirement.
  • All transactions between members are to be paid as agreed bi-laterally between members (or multi-laterally should the trade be cross trade arrangements between members). Payment between members for due invoices, debits, or other agreed debts which are incurred by the trade, unless previously agreed between the concerned members, will not ever require or depend upon the actions, payments, or motions of any third or fourth parties (shippers, consignees, customers, or agents otherwise). If a debt with another member was incurred then it shall be duly paid by responsible party ordering the transaction as agreed. Awaiting payment from someone else is not an excuse for non-payment to another member unless these were the terms prior to the trade.