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Established in 2002, FreightDeadbeats.com is a debt recovery and collection specializing in the Logistics, Transportation and Freight Forwarding industry - worldwide. 


We do NOT collect commercial debts and our services are limited to those between cargo intermediaries - domestic & international freight forwarders, truckers, airlines, steamship lines, customs brokers, household & relocation companies, NVOCCs, breakbulk agents, etc. 


Our primary objective is to improve industry standards by ensuring that payment of invoices between domestic and international cargo intermediaries are settled. 


With your help, we will do our utmost to eradicate deadbeats from the transportation industry. 


The Encyclopedia Britannica defines a deadbeat as "One who is notorious for not paying his bills".  It is conservatively estimated that in excess of USD 150,000,000 per annum is lost as a result of cargo intermediaries failing to honor the debts between themselves.


With your help, FreightDeadbeats.com will attempt to rectify this situation by bringing such deadbeats to justice.


FreightDeadbeats.com is available to collect unpaid monies from deadbeats - worldwide - for a simple fee of 17.5% of the amount recovered.  We invite you to try our Debt Recovery Service.  Unlike traditional collection agencies, we do not hold onto your monies - all recoveries are remitted directly to you.